[thelist] TheList Relay Improvement

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jan 11 10:06:29 CST 2001

got it, and huge huge thanks!

<tip type="Unix Filesystem">

Find the largest files on your system:> ls -lR | sort +4n
Find the largest dirs on your system:> du -S | sort -n



Hugh Blair wrote:

> PayPal says:
> "Note: The recipient of your payment is a Personal Account member who has
> exceeded the Credit Card Receiving Limit. This member will be asked to upgrade
> to a Premier Account in order to accept your payment."
> I hope you address this issue.  $$ waiting online...
> -Hugh
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>> The two machines might seem like trash to a lot of us, but they're
>> acting as relay SMTP servers for our lists, and are about 123412321%
>> faster than no relays at all. I'm still whoring myself for
>> funds(djc at members.evolt.org on paypal) or old, unused equipment(email
>> off list for address) to keep adding more machines like those above.

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