[thelist] web designers unique? (was: Filling up timesheets - good or bad?)

A. Erickson ilsa at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 13 15:40:39 CST 2001

> i'm still trying to understand why so many of us, and others, think
> we are a different breed...

Maybe simply because the web and our industry is still so young. It's a new
medium which requires a new skill set. Fundamentally, I don't think we're
doing anything wildly different from any other professional. However, I do
think that very creative people often have trouble with boundaries and

I used to fight estimating and timecharts and deadlines until I really got
some professional experience. Now, as loathe as I am to admit this, I really
find value in tracking and charting and keeping on task. That doesn't mean
that I always do it the best that I could but I do try.

- amanda

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