Linux Distributions (was Re: [thelist] Getting Started With Linux)

David Wagner dave at
Sun Jan 14 05:12:31 CST 2001

On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Jeremy Weiss wrote:

> I've got a slightly OT question.  The last time I worked with
> Linux was back before it got commercialized.  At that time I
> was using a version called Slackware, but I never hear about it
> anymore.  Does anyone know if it's still around, and if so, how
> is it comparing to all the rest?

Disclaimer: I'm not a Linux person, so I'm really just making this up.

Yes, Slackware is still around ( and kicking. I
hear great things about it from the more serious nerds -- I understand
that as a speedy install on small servers and such, it works great. It's
also highly approved for the underground cultural references.

I'm starting to get the feeling that different Linux distributions often
have very different but equally useful applications -- RedHat as an
all-around well-supported system, Corel for desktops, Debian for security
(though FreeBSD or OpenBSD fill this niche much better), Caldera for
performance, etc.

I'd be curious to hear the opinions of others on various Linux
distributions, especially in web environments (including desktop systems,
name servers, mail servers, etc.). What do people use, and how do you use
what you've got?


David Wagner
dave at

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