Linux Distributions (was Re: [thelist] Getting Started With Linux)

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Sun Jan 14 07:30:31 CST 2001

Yes Slackware is now in 7.1.
The portal to slackware is .
Still the best distro around :) even though it is no click and play OS

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> On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Jeremy Weiss wrote:
> > I've got a slightly OT question.  The last time I worked with
> > Linux was back before it got commercialized.  At that time I
> > was using a version called Slackware, but I never hear about it
> > anymore.  Does anyone know if it's still around, and if so, how
> > is it comparing to all the rest?
> Disclaimer: I'm not a Linux person, so I'm really just making this up.
> Yes, Slackware is still around ( and kicking. I
> hear great things about it from the more serious nerds -- I understand
> that as a speedy install on small servers and such, it works great. It's
> also highly approved for the underground cultural references.
> I'm starting to get the feeling that different Linux distributions often
> have very different but equally useful applications -- RedHat as an
> all-around well-supported system, Corel for desktops, Debian for security
> (though FreeBSD or OpenBSD fill this niche much better), Caldera for
> performance, etc.
> I'd be curious to hear the opinions of others on various Linux
> distributions, especially in web environments (including desktop systems,
> name servers, mail servers, etc.). What do people use, and how do you use
> what you've got?
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