[thelist] Getting Started With Linux

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Sun Jan 14 15:40:31 CST 2001

Erik Mattheis wrote:

> Regarding ColdFusion/UNIX:
> Why are there so many more posts in Allaire's forum about UNIX 
> installations than NT? I've always assumed it's because running CF on 
> UNIX is a royal pain ... or is it that there are lots of people using 
> CF/UNIX don't know UNIX worth a dink?

short answer, yes. The installation procedure for CF on Unix is also 
text based, which just confused about 96.34% of NT administrators that 
might be doing the installation.. *duck*

> Anybody CF people here that are comfortable with both NT and UNIX 
> installations care to offer a comparison?

I've done both hundreds of times, and I've seen what can go wrong on 
each.. If you're a point and click kinda person, you'll hate the Unix 
installation process. Vice-versa too..
Basically, they're both about the same IMO..


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