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Use the quotes around text strings, but not around any number or date


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 I'm having problems with an insert statement in one of my pages that is
driving me nuts! I'm getting a "syntax error" and I'm sure it is just the
quotes that I'm using, but I've never really understood the use of quotes in
SQL - so I can't figure out how to make it work. The statement is:
<CFQUERY NAME="insert" DataSource="book">
    INSERT INTO tblBook
    (item, author, pub, date, price, condition, format, cat, desc)
    ('#form.item#', '#form.author#', '#form.pub#', #form.date#,
#form.price#, '#form.condition#', '#form.format#', '#form.cat#',
This is the latest incarnation - I've tried it a couple of different ways.
If anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful!!! I'd send the URL, but it is
in a protected directory - you understand... ;)

Robin Hastings
Webmistress - InterTec Designs
robin at intertecdesigns.com

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