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oops....you do need them around dates.....sorry.  And for that boo-boo a

<tip type="coldfusion">
Can't seen to get that blasted insert query to work?  Try inserting just the
first value, if that works add the second etc. until you find which one
you've messed up the syntax on.  Time consuming, but it works.

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 I'm having problems with an insert statement in one of my pages that is
driving me nuts! I'm getting a "syntax error" and I'm sure it is just the
quotes that I'm using, but I've never really understood the use of quotes in
SQL - so I can't figure out how to make it work. The statement is:
<CFQUERY NAME="insert" DataSource="book">
    INSERT INTO tblBook
    (item, author, pub, date, price, condition, format, cat, desc)
    ('#form.item#', '#form.author#', '#form.pub#', #form.date#,
#form.price#, '#form.condition#', '#form.format#', '#form.cat#',
This is the latest incarnation - I've tried it a couple of different ways.
If anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful!!! I'd send the URL, but it is
in a protected directory - you understand... ;)

Robin Hastings
Webmistress - InterTec Designs
robin at intertecdesigns.com

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