[thelist] adding a 'from' field in outlook 2000

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Mon Feb 12 13:52:15 CST 2001

Hi Liz,

Outlook Express has that feature, where you have a drop down list to choose
from. But Outlook 2000, from what I can tell, doesn't have the drop down list.
You can however, when you write an email, use the "Send Using" button that will
allow you to choose a certain mail account to send from. These accounts will be
listed in your "Tools -> Accounts". I have the accounts named as email
addresses, so I can figure out easily which account to send from ;)

Hope this helps, if you need more guidance, you're welcome to write me offlist.

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|Hi everyone,
|I recently reformatted my hard drive (on purpose!) and have been busy
|re-installing my programs. About a year ago someone on this list told me how
|I could easily add a "from" field in my default email message in Outlook
|2000. The thing is, I have several different email addresses and each needs
|a specific signature line. I thought once I had done it I would always
|remember what steps it took. Wishful thinking! Can anyone tell me how to
|create a from field that works the same way as the "to" field does? That is,
|you click it and another windows pops open with the contacts list to choose
|Thanks in advance to all,
|liz at dowebs.com
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