[thelist] broken nested tables in Navigator

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Mon Feb 12 17:22:45 CST 2001

I have this page that I built in DW...but I've been poring over it in
HomeSite and UltraEdit trying to find the bug and can't get it.
 It's just nested tables...no big deal, right? But in NN I get horizontal
scrolling at almost any resolution (up to 1600x1200). Why won't the stupid
table just scale to screen width and stop?
http://simmerhawaii.com/used_gear.html this page uses nested tables for
layout and it works...

AND...the weirdest thing is that I can't select the text on the travel page
in NN 4.5. I've never seen that behavior before. What demons are lurking in
my page?


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