[thelist] bizarre behavior in IE5/Win

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 12 19:47:15 CST 2001

using IE5.0/win98...

i am experiencing the problem... some guesses, but not tested:

- use of clases in images at top of page...
- use of styled divs with tables that have explicit bgcolors set...
- some bizarre CSS in the linked stylesheet...

try dumping some of that one at a time and test it... feel free to 
repost new URLs for testing if you cannot re-create the problem...

> From: Garth Hagerman <hagerman at mail.mcn.org>
> I recently revised and updated an existing site. I tested it on quite a few browsers, and 
> everything was fine, or at least OK. After the new version had been posted for a few 
> days, I started to receive reports of pages which were not displaying properly. In fact, 
> these unfortunate folks were unable to access any of the catalog listings for the site. 
> They could read the index page and the order page, but the guts of the site was mostly  
> a bunch of blank screens. 
> The site works fine in all of the browsers I have on my Mac: NN4, NN6, IE4, IE5, Icab, it 
> even is tolerable on the WebTV emulator. It works fine on Windows in NN4 and IE5.5, 
> but in IE5 the banners display and a few of the buttons display, a few more display 
> when you mouse over them, but the actual content is just a vast expanse of white. 
> When one scrolls down, then back to the top of the page, the stuff that had displayed 
> has disappeared.
> Can anyone figure out what's going on here??? The site is at:
> http://www.diggingdog.com

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