[thelist] XML 2.0

Philippe J philippejadin2 at swing.be
Tue Feb 13 12:46:01 CST 2001

> > And the next question: examples of DTD's. I've been playing with Xmetal
> > (xml editor), which comes with a few DTD's. Is there a list somewhere?
> You can get on various email discussion lists (if that's what you meant by
> list). microsoft.com has a few. w3.org has some too. not hard to find.
> > Or
> > would it make sense for a lot of applications to make your own?
> YES!!! If you're going to use a DTD, most cases you will want to make your
> own... unless you're trying to conform to some set of industry-specific
> standard (not contradictory, I swear!) tags... then you would use the one
> is available for whatever you're doing.

It seems to be the time to have some open standards...

XML on it's own won't save the world. (will the rest do? :-)

What I would like to see is an open organization that could create xml
standard for every kind of informations used by computers. (maybe it already

For example, I'd like my email client to write my mail folders in an xml
file. So, I could use any email client and still have all my emails. The
same for my contacts, my bookmarks, the docs I write using my stupid word
processor, for 3d applications, for vector pictures (oops, we already have
svg), sound, video, scientific publications, archives,...
You see what I mean...

Without standards, it won't be really more usefull than the binary format
used by my awfull microsoft word ;-)
Just kidding, but really, it's time to have "rules".

[sorry for this piece of horrible english - you even didn't hear my


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