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Fintan Costello (LMI) Fintan.Costello at eei.ericsson.se
Wed Feb 14 05:44:47 CST 2001

It's on an intranet and I don't care.

Seriously though, this was for a site for a defined number of people, for a defined browser/system setup, for a defined period of time. I just wanted to get it working cross-browser because I'm akward/curious about these things.

The joys of working for a multinational, you can sometimes design for small targeted user groups on an intranet. In any case, this form was just a stopgap before moving all this stuff into asp.

This isn't something I intend to reuse outside the intranet anyway - it will break on non-js enabled browsers (obviously).

Still interesting discussion - if you do have a form on a static site and you're using js to control certain elements of that, how do you cater for non-js users - maybe build the thing in flash?



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(Hope Fintan doesn't mind us making lots of work for him! He'll probably
write back now and say that it's on an intranet and he doesn't care!)

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