[thelist] Ampersand in alt text on Netscape 4

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Feb 14 15:42:48 CST 2001

Steve Morrison wrote:
> I'm trying to put an ampersand (&) in <img> alt text, and
> it's not displaying correctly on Netscape 4 on Windows.
> It shows up as an underline. Using &amp; &#38; and plain
> ol' & doesn't help. Is there a workaround?

Short answer - nope.

Just put together a page with:
<img src="foo.gif" alt="skull &amp; bones">
<img src="foo.gif" alt="skull & bones">
<img src="foo.gif" alt="skull &#38; bones">

Each image looks and acts the same in Netscape. The tooltip that comes
up is:

	skull_ bones

However, the broken images all show

	skull & bones

** My recommendation - use "and" instead of the Ampersand. It'll look
like you want everywhere.

** Why I think in the end it doesn't matter - The behavior Netscape 4 on
Windows does in this regard is wrong. ALT text is really not meant to be
shown that way. LONGDESC is the attribute which should be doing this.
The browser is mishandling the intent of the attribute.


	- Joe
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