[thelist] international friendly form

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 14 21:04:45 CST 2001

> My own additional tuppenyworth would suggest that
> the forms are bad enough - but if you start putting
> near-Fascist JS traps all over it [You VILL FILL OUT
> ZIS FORM CORRECTLY] then I'm outta there faster than
> you can say 'Barrier to entry'.

I can speak from experience and warn everyone that untested and thoughtless
JS validation can be very annoying.

Last night I was ordering some new hardware online, and the purchase form
insisted that phone numbers and credit card numbers had to be entirely
numeric. Fair enough, but it disallowed spaces...

I'm used to typing my CC# xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (as it makes it easier to
double-check later), and my phone numbers as (xx) xxxx xxxx, and xxxx xxx
xxx. Each time, after I'd look up to the screen, there'd be an alert saying
"Numbers only please." - and only the first 3-4 digits had made it into the
input field. For every number I had to enter, the alert hit me, and I had to


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