[thelist] multipart/form-data and IE5 for Macintosh?

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 15 23:47:49 CST 2001


At 11:25 AM 2/15/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Jeff Howden wrote:
> > : Possibly an issue everyone knows about? we
> > : have a form which works everywhere (Netscape
> > : 4, IE5, etc) but in Mac IE5 busts for some
> > : reason.
> > : Is this a known issue with problems in <form
> > : enctype> values?
> >
> > does this help?
> > http://lookclose.com/learnmore/faqs/macieuploads.htm
> >
> > good luck,
>Yes, most definitely on point. The programmer I'm working with on this
>is out for the day, but I think she and I will be checking on this
>tomorrow. *Great* find.

I couldn't tell from your note if you noticed, but to save you or your 
programmer a little time, the text I copied into my reply is exactly what's 
on the site that Jeff sent later.

What I meant by:

 >it claims IE5 for Mac is the cure, but it sounds like, in your case, it 
might not be.

is that while I understood your problem is *with* IE5, this info says that 
IE5 is the cure and I verified tonight that it is not (using a system that 
has never had IE5 before now).

I changed the file-handling prefs as the site suggested, and tried to 
upload a gif with the "Use for outgoing" box unchecked. I tried this with 
both the "Binary data" and "Plain text" radio buttons clicked. The image 
does actually upload, but the subsequent display of the image doesn't work. 
I then tested with Netscape and as you've found as well, it works just fine.

Looks like Netscape for Mac is the only way out of this one.


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