[thelist] IIS 5: Is it Bad to Map .css to asp.dll?

James Aylard webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Thu May 17 03:07:31 CDT 2001

    I am not certain whether this is strictly an IIS question, since I
suspect the same thing can be accomplished through other means on other web
server platforms and other server-side scripting languages. But a partially
formed thought occurred to me: what if I mapped .css files to the asp.dll in
IIS -- can I include ASP code in a stand-alone CSS file to conditionally
create a client-side style sheet?
    Lo and behold, the answer is, yes, I can! In theory (remember, this is
based on a partially formed thought), this would seem to provide some neat
benefits, especially for cross-browser CSS.
    But the question occurs to me: are there pitfalls, from a web-server
admin standpoint, to doing this? Security issues? Unintended consequences?
    Caveat: I am not a server admin, and don't pretend to be.
    Enlightenment, anyone? :)

James Aylard

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