[thelist] ASP error: Too few parameters.

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 17 14:30:11 CDT 2001

>>as far as updating a join, this is always a treacherous undertaking
>Rudy, is this just in access or in other databases too?

hi emma

treacherous from the point of view that it is easy to write a query that
the database will toss back at you with a generic message like "sorry, you
can't do that, you have to use an *updatable* view" and leave it to you to
figure out what to do to your particular query to make it so

and of course, some databases don't allow you to update a view, period, and
some don't allow you to update a join, period

but when you get it right, and the database lets you do it, then sure,
updating a join can be very very handy

note that often you can write the query as a subselect, which gets around
the problem of updating a join, which can be treacherous enough just to
write in the first place

   update students s
     set grade = 'A'
   where not exists
       (select 1 from tests
           where teststud = s.studentid
               and testmark < 70)


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