[thelist] DIVs, tables and flushed content

webmaster at menouno.com webmaster at menouno.com
Fri May 18 12:48:23 CDT 2001

Hi Listers;

I could use some help with a mock-up for a travel agency I'm working 
on.  Got two problems (at the top of the list...) 

First, both HTML and CSS validate (and @import keeps a few dangerous 
lines away from NS) but I can't manage to convince NS4.7 to render 
this page decently. 
Content get flushed to the right, out of sight. The page shows as 
expected in Mozilla, Opera 5.11 and IE 5 (WIN)

Any idea about what the problem could be?

Second problem. I tried to reduce the use of tables to the minimum, 
adding some DIVs instead,
The result is identical to the other page in both Mozilla and Opera, 
but IE5 (not to mention NS 4.7, as expected) refuses to render the 
red top DIV - where the logo is - the way I want it: red from side to 
side. Any workaround?

thanks in advance,



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