[thelist] [fwd] Perl, PHP, ASP???

Lawrence Carriere carrieremedia at home.com
Fri May 18 21:51:11 CDT 2001

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I need to get a little direction from some professionals.  I've been
coding html for about 3 years now and have reached an impasse.  I need
to start leering some new stuff.  I've got limited time so I need to
make sure that I choose the best route.  What would be a good thing for
a person who eventually wants to become a web developer to learn?  As I
said, html is my expertise and it ends there.  I've noticed in my job
searching that PHP, MySQL, Perl and Javascript come up a lot in the
"Required Experience" area of job postings but which one would be a good
start for someone who really knows nothing of any of these?  I need
something that will be a good investment of my time and effort.
Something that will be really useful in the years to come.

Any advice that anyone can shoot my way will be greatly appreciated.


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