[thelist] :: Reuters.com :: wana hack the code

The Optimizer chrism at puffofsmoke.net
Mon Oct 22 08:25:09 CDT 2001


> I want to use the hier menu code (with images) at Reuters.com [this works
> only in I.E.]
> But I canot hack the code as when viewed by Netscape the hier menus are
> replaced by a COMBO BOX.
> Can any one hack this.

Well, I haven't had time to actually parse the code myself, but I suspect
the core functionality is contained within http://reuters.com/layer2.js.
Your problems are basically twofold:

1) If you're on a windows system you will have to view the code using a text
editor that supports files generated on a UNIX system.
2) You just declared intent to break international copyright law in a public

Reuters will have paid a not inconsiderable amount of money to have this
menu system created. It will be absolutely acceptable (IMHO) to check out
the principles of what they have done, and then design your own menu system
from scratch. It will be absolutely unacceptable to assume that it's okay to
lift the code that they own and use it on your site without prior written
permission from Reuters.



Chris Marsh

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