[thelist] submenu's in dropdown menu's?

Marius van Dam marius at vandam.nu
Tue Oct 23 18:13:33 CDT 2001

Dear evolters,

A short while ago I saw in a site drop-down menu's that contained 
submenu's just like we know them from the menubar in mac os or the 
windows task bar and many DHTML implementations in websites.

When I checked the source I saw this menu was made using a simple 
<select> tag, and another special tag for the submenu's.

For example:

This would generate a menu with 1 option and one submenu which contains 
2 options.

Now, a few weeks later, problem arises to which such a menu with 
submenu's might be the answer. Problem is, I don't remember where I saw 

Does anyone know what the correct markup should be for such a menu?
Is it well supported by browsers?



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