[thelist] Flash gurus help!

Wade Armstrong wade at runstrong.com
Wed Oct 24 22:57:52 CDT 2001

I've posted this to flash-related fora, but I thought with the bevy of smart
folks on this list somebody might have an idea what's going on here:

I have two movies, call 'em "container" and "detail". When the user clicks
on a button in "container," a transition within "container" is played and
then a specific scene is loaded from "detail."

The way I'm currently doing this is:

When the user clicks on (for instance) the "Info" button in "container":
on (release) {
var pMovie = "detail.swf";
var pScene = "info";
where pMovie is the same for every button but pScene  varies for each

at the end of "transition," there's an action:
loadMovie(pMovie, 1);

at the start of "detail.swf" I have
var pScene = _parent.pScene;

This works fine when the file is saved locally. However, when I upload the
.swfs to the server, only the first scene in "detail.swf" ever plays,
regardless of what scene I set as pScene.

In debug mode, trace(pScene) gives the correct value for pScene in both
"detail" and "container".

This happens on multiple IIS servers on every browser I can dig up.

Anybody have any ideas what might be going on?


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