[thelist] Re: Using the computer to answer phone calls

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Thu Oct 25 15:47:17 CDT 2001

spinhead wrote:

>Don't have the specifics at hand, but our entire company's voicemail (80
>emps) is on a PC with 1 hard drive.

FWIW, my very first PC, a elderly 486/66 on a VESA-bus motherboard,
is still doing yeoman duty as my answering machine/fax.  The hard
drive is 540MB... and it's partitioned for Win95 AND Linux. :-)

<tip type="mail-enabling a web page" author="digger">
If you've been putting off replacing a mailto: link because creating
a mail form sounds too daunting, take a look at MIT's cgiemail.  On
my Linux box it took a resounding three minutes to unpack, make, and
install.  Converting the web page (an order form) and debugging took
maybe another half-hour, but that included the time to get (my very
first!) dropdown menus and checkboxes working, from scratch.

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