[thelist] css positioning...within <td></td>

Gerenday, Perry (P.) pgerenda at visteon.com
Thu Oct 25 16:05:58 CDT 2001

Sorry Malcom, 

Here's a correction to my previous post. I'm adding width and height values
and correcting the relative position of the child DIVs.

You can "nest" DIVs like this:

<div id="parentDiv"
  style="position:absolute; top:10px; left:0px; width:125px;
	height:30px; visibility:visible;">
	<div id="childDiv1" 
	style="position:relative; top:30px; left:0px; width:125px;
	height:30px; visibility:inherit;">Hi</div>
	<div id="childDiv2"
	style="position:relative; top:60px; left:0px; width:125px;
	height:30px; visibility:inherit;">G'day</div>

Perry Gerenday, Visual Communications Artist

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