[thelist] OT bottle opener

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Sat Oct 27 07:17:29 CDT 2001

To extend the tip, here's a cool trick.

<tip type="javascript / bookmarklet" Author="Michael Pemberton">
Add the following URL as a bookmark and it will allow you to view
theACTUAL source of a page.  Great when the author has used a
document.write and you want to see what the code behind it was. NS4 users
will know what I'm talking about :-)


Richard Bennett wrote:

> I was wondering as I opened a nice cold bottle of Belgian beer,
> Are there other people who use an old Trio64V+ vga card to open their
> beer-bottles with - or is it just me?
> Actually just an excuse to offload a tip:
> <tip type=javascript>
> Need a quick "view source" link on your website?
> Or you want to quickly view the source of a website?
> Try this: (tested IE5.5)
> view-source:http://www.evolt.org
> from the address-bar, or a link like this:
> <a href="view-source:http://www.evolt.org">view source</a>
> </tip>
> Cheers (literally)
> Richard.
> www.richardinfo.com
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