[thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

John Corry john at neoncowboy.com
Mon Nov 12 11:17:44 CST 2001

Yeah really...

And what about the inherently crappy image quality you get when images are
heavily compressed (.jpg) to fit on a floppy?

I had a Mavica and traded up to the dsc-d770 a year ago. Its a sweet camera!
Nice optics, memory stick (image transfer is a breeze: I put the PC card
memory stick holder in my laptop, which sees it as a drive), flash, wide
range of exposure controls, cable to display images on the TV, wireless

I wish the autofocus were better and it certainly isn't the smallest,
lightest or cheapest. But I've noticed that there is no perfect camera, they
all have sertain trade offs in features/functionality.


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|As a matter of interest, don't you find them slow in operation? I
|would have
|thought that by the nature of floppy disc writing, it could take a few
|seconds to write the image. Also, floppies never had the highest
|rate in my experience; have you ever had images lost to dodgy disks?

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