[thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 12:49:33 CST 2001

I have a SONY Mavica S85 and I'm _extremely_ happy with it. You
can find them online for the high $500s (search by price at
Yahoo! Shopping) and they're worth every penny. Carl Zeiss lens,
4.3 megapixels, Memory Stick and USB interface, infrared, so on
and so forth.

--- John Corry <john at neoncowboy.com> wrote:
> Yeah really...
> And what about the inherently crappy image quality you get when
> images are
> heavily compressed (.jpg) to fit on a floppy?
> I had a Mavica and traded up to the dsc-d770 a year ago. Its a
> sweet camera!
> Nice optics, memory stick (image transfer is a breeze: I put
> the PC card
> memory stick holder in my laptop, which sees it as a drive),
> flash, wide
> range of exposure controls, cable to display images on the TV,
> wireless
> remote.
> I wish the autofocus were better and it certainly isn't the
> smallest,
> lightest or cheapest. But I've noticed that there is no perfect
> camera, they
> all have sertain trade offs in features/functionality.
> john
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> |As a matter of interest, don't you find them slow in
> operation? I
> |would have
> |thought that by the nature of floppy disc writing, it could
> take a few
> |seconds to write the image. Also, floppies never had the
> highest
> |reliability
> |rate in my experience; have you ever had images lost to dodgy
> disks?
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