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Michael Barrett mbarrett at triad.rr.com
Mon Nov 12 14:37:56 CST 2001

I think displaying alt text as a tool tip is 'handy' as it can provide a
description of an element.

Think of a news related site, an image relating to a story would have a
description of the image in the alt attribute of the img element. Having
that info pop up as a tool tip is not *necessary* (probably because any good
news site would caption their imagery anyway) but I like it. It am nice.

But I think you are right about the specs tho, at least as far which
attribute deserves precedence in 'tool-tipping' (like cow tipping?).

However, even if not up to spec...displaying alt-text as a tool-tip is
useful, or at least potentially useful to anyone browsing, regardless of
whether they are browsing in a text only form or not.

> What's handy about turning "alt" text into a tool tip?  Or maybe I'm
> misunderstanding.
> Being too lazy to look at specs right now, my recollection is that
> alt is supposed to be an ALTernative to the image, not a tool tip,
> nor additional information.  Text INSTEAD of image.
> The "title" attribute is SUPPOSED to be a tool tip.  It is SUPPOSED
> to be "additional information" for an HTML element.

Michael Barrett

mbarrett at triad.rr.com
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