[thelist] Truth about cookies?

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Tue Nov 13 21:53:36 CST 2001


Everywhere I look, cookies are getting a bad rap. They are public enemy
number one on the net and the cause of much sorrow for our much guarded
security. I saw a headline that read something like "50 cookies placed
on computer in one browsing session - way to much".

Now, I have used cookies on sites that I have built and I don't
generally block cookies when I am browsing. As far as I understood, they
are very little text bundles that are linked to the domain that placed
them there and are read only. However, the press likes to claim that
they scour your computer tracking your every move and reporting this
info back to their master (and however else might be asking).

How is it that cookies have gotten so maligned in the press. There are
far greater evils out there that never get mentioned, but no, the poor
little cookie takes a beating in every report going on personal computer
safety. So how do we stand up for the little cookie and educate the
public about this harmless but helpful little text file?

Is there a website or a set of standards out there that describes
exactly the limitations and design of cookies. Something that will clear
up all the myths once and for all, or has someone created a way to
engineer the cookie to be more then it appears? Is there a way for it to
be malicious that I don't know about?

Please stand up and come to the defense of the poor cookie.


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