[thelist] FQA

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Nov 14 18:43:51 CST 2001

> Interland - that's another thing to add to our future FAQ ;)
> And if were playing your "guess the question" game, the
> answer would simply be "they suck big time!"

hi madhu

good idea, except ...

firstly, the answer would have to be "anybody but xxxx" in order to stay
consistent with all the (positive) answers

secondly, it's an opinion, and i'd rather go with facts

many people hate netsol, too -- i guess it's one of those YMMV things

nice to see you still thinking about it, though

hey, how's FQA as the title?   frequently questioned answers....

my collection is growing, and i'll be ready to post soon

would love to get a bunch more, though

for those who missed it, please see


please send contributions, offlist or on -- they would be on topic, being
about web development, and require no tips...


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