[thelist] Lost Linux Pass

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Nov 14 19:25:43 CST 2001

>Now I'm quite sure the password I'm using *is* the correct one, but 
>access denied via SSH1 seems to tell me otherwise. I might have 
>changed it (unlikely), but I don't have the recorded change, if 
>indeed it was changed.

Garrett's covered all the bases on this, I think, but I do have one 
quick question: you're not trying to log in remotely to the server as 
root, are you? You're trying to login as 'frank' / 'yourpass', right?

It's v. v. v. unlikely that your server would allow a remote root 
login -- you'll need to login as frank (or whatever normal user name 
you have), then 'su' to root. If you try to login directly as root it 
will (at least, it bloody well should) tell you that the login failed 
even if you did use the correct root pass.

All else fails: swallow the pride (and send them a Christmas present! 
I OWE my ISP's admins big time!).


Andrew Forsberg
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