[thelist] PLEA FOR HELP - Results of list questionnaire, and another question

Eric Reynolds ejr106 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 11:26:21 CST 2001


Eric here again. Firstly, i must say a big thank you to everyone (22) who 
replied to my last questionnaire - the results were very helpful. Due to 
demand, here are the more interesting results:

For Job titles, Web Developer came top of the list (7), with Web Designer 
2nd (3). The other job titles very rarely scored more than one vote.

ASP (6), PHP(7) and JSP(4) for server side stuff
SQL Server (6), MySQL (5) and Oracle (4) for dbs
HTML(11), XML(5), JavaScript(9) and CSS(9) for client side
VB (3) for proper languages.

Other techs had very few mentions.

Project types: User Interfaces was top(9), then database applications(5). 
CMS(3), migration(3), Intranets(3) and Multi platform apps(2) had a few 
votes each.

To answer another question, i will not be mentioning anyone's name with my 

Also, i have another question, open to anyone who wishes to reply:

I have also been looking into Usability. My question is - Could you give me 
some examples of sites (about 3 or 4) that you consider good in terms of 

Thanks again for all your help,


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