[thelist] address directory online and off

Anthony Johnston . Antix tech at antix.co.uk
Mon Oct 21 07:51:01 CDT 2002

Hi Geoff,

Done this alot,  basically...

Web   ->	db	<-	windows app (ado/vb)

The Web and db can be anything you want *nix/windows etc.

In the VB app you have the reporting i.e.
stats, label, letter printing, faxing, email etc.
you can integrate well with any other applications they
may have, e.g. Word or Excel.

Works well,  Ant.

Anthony Johnston
	tech at antix.co.uk
Antix Software Limited

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>My client wants to make available their membership list online.
>People should be able to search it like a directory - it's a list of
>voluntary organisations in the area.
>They want to be able to use _the same database_ to print address
>labels off their windows machine.
>I administrate their website on a Linux machine and would prefer to
>use MySQL, but is this the best solution?
>a/ Does anyone know of any good PHP/MySQL directory solutions?
>b/ Does anyone know how they might use a remote MySQL database for
>MSWord mail merges, or how they might keep an access database in
>synch with the MySQL one.
>c/ Am I barking up the wrong tree? How should I go about this? Is
>Access what I'm after?
>I will not necessarily be doing the development myself, but any sound
>advice how this should be done would be welcome.
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