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Saila, Craig Craig.Saila at bgminteractive.com
Mon Oct 21 10:19:01 CDT 2002

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> Hello. I have an image specified for a table cell to act as a
> border. It works fine in IE, but I can't see it in N6.
> Here's the line of code:
>     <td width="2%" style="background-color:#ffffff;
> background-image:url(images/borderr.gif);
> background-repeat:repeat-y;"></td>

This works in Mozilla 1.2b (using another image). Are you sure the URL
is right (the two "r"s look a bit weird)?

> On a secondary note, how do I mark up the above so that the
> image is aligned to the right? Align="right" in the td tag
> doesn't work.

"Align" affects only the elements children. The background is part of
the TD, not a child of it. Try adding this rule to position the
background image in the top right of the cell:
 background-position: right top;
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