[thelist] PHP - Email comes to a central server, then is re-r outed by zip c ode or city. How do I do this?

Valerie Worrell VWorrell at sno-isle.org
Mon Oct 21 18:48:00 CDT 2002

It is submitted to a program on the web server and then mails to the client.

I am not familiar with PHP, this is my client, but they paid someone else to
create this whole thing, then fired him.

Now they want me to fix it. It doesn't look that hard, I just need to know
how. They are not against changing the entire process. I could do something
else. But a lot of work has gone into this already. If there was a simple
solution. How do I parse the email staying with PHP?

It is the entire email that needs to be re-routed, they do not even want to
see it or read it. This web site gets a lot of hits and numerous email

Thanks for your help.

Valerie Worrell
Human Resources
Sno-Isle Regional Library System
Marysville Service Center
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re-routed by zip c ode or city. How do I do this?

Valerie Worrell wrote:
> How do I re-route emails that are received at a central server, by a zip
> code or city that is included in the form questionnaire, to another
> recipient?
> My client's website has an order form for a color catalog, they want to
> forward the requests automatically to other various location throughout
> states.
> Currently, my client has to receive the email, open it, and forward it
> manually to the appropriate location, an outlet store near the individual
> that sent the email request.
> The form is a php form.

? So do you mean the form's in a PHP-generated page that submits
using `mailto` or is it submitted to a program on the web server
that mails it to the client?

If the latter, that program could easily parse the form data and
send the mail to whoever based on the ZIP.

OTOH, if you're trying to re-route actual email, you could use
procmail, or initially send the email to an account with a .forward
file pointed at a simple php/perl/sh script to parse and forward.

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