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Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Wed Oct 23 03:17:01 CDT 2002

<tip author="Michael Pemberton" type="Windows 2000/XP IP Settings">
When testing new servers / workstations, DHCP can be a quick and easy
way of avoiding the test equipment getting in the way of existing static
IP addresses.  But, this can be a problem if you forget to change the IP
back to a static one prior to installation.  This can sometimes means
hours trying to locate the rouge and changing the setting manually.

Not anymore.  With the Windows 2000 ResKit  and a simple tools from
sysinternals.com, you can save hours of the problem solving time.  As
long as the PC is live on the network, you can combine the PSExec (part
of the SysInternals PSTools package) and netsh.exe (From the Win2k
ResKit) to solve the problem in seconds.

Using PSExec, you can remotely execute the netsh command line required
to update the IP settings of the without even leaving the comfort of
your office.  The setting differ depending of the setup of your network,
so read the help before trying this on a live PC.

Michael Pemberton
mpember at phreaker.net
ICQ: 12107010

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