[thelist] Re: Port Reflection (Rob Goodyear)

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 23 15:34:01 CDT 2002

Sure. So, what I'd do is give you an IP addr, and
bounce all traffic off that IP to your IP:xxxx with a
certain port number -- or to a Dynamic DNS name but
under the tweaked portname. Then you'll do the
hostname sorting on your end.

That sound about right?


--- Michael Pemberton <mpember at phreaker.net> wrote:
> Robert Goodyear wrote:
> >I use EasyDNS, which will allow domain cloaking to
> an
> >oddball port assignment if needed. Only problem is
> >that this oddball port may be blocked on the client
> >side, like you describe.
> >
> >
> I was using dns2go until they moved over to a paid
> plan.  Then i bit the
> bullet and paid for a net.au domain. ($AU88 was the
> best rate I could
> find without signing away my soul).
> >There's a great Win utility called Detour that will
> do
> >the true port reflection you desire. Do you have a
> >friend anywhere that can drop the utility on their
> >server for you?
> >
> >
> I'm currently using various port forwarding setups
> internally (mainly
> via my winroute server).  The problem is the
> restrictions but in place
> by the ISPs here ins the great land of down under.
> They say that there
> if you want to host a server, you have top pay their
> "business" (aka:
> double pay) plans.  This means that none of my mates
> are able to host
> the port for me.
> >If not, contact me offlist, I might have a spare IP
> >addr I could loan you to reflect off of.
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Robert Goodyear.
> >
> >
> If you do have a spare IP you could lend me, I'd be
> interested in
> testing it to see what does / doesn't work.
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> Michael Pemberton
> mpember at phreaker.net
> ICQ: 12107010
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