[thelist] Netscape and ASP 3.0, problem with Netscape 6.1

James Aylard evolt at pixelwright.com
Mon Dec 2 11:56:06 CST 2002


> I have just released a new website for my business.  I have validated
> page using the CSE HTML Validator Pro v5.5.  All pages are clean with the
> excepted of the DOCTYPE tag - which the validator says is not recognized
> to the fact that I reformatted it according to evolt article,
> 7.  All pages work well in IE 6 and Netscape Nav 4.0.  Every page also

    Uh oh, that's my article. :) Is that the doctype declaration that
includes the year (1999) in the URI portion, or the doctype declaration that
includes no URI portion at all? Both are valid, but since I wrote that
article, the doctype that includes the URI no longer switches the latest
versions of Netscape into quirks mode; the doctype declaration without a URI
still does.
    Either way, my guess is that the CSE validator uses hard-coded values
that it expects to find (not including one or both of the doctype
declarations cited in my article), and flags any other values as errors. I
suggest that you use the W3C validator [1] in addition to the CSE validator,
if not instead of it.

> in Netscape 6.1 with the exception of the question.asp page.  I validated
> the page and its include file.  All checked out, except the DOCTYPE tag as
> mentioned earlier.  However,  the bottom links of the page don't show up
> until you resize the page.  To see what I mean, visit
> http://www.lightforcestudios.net/contact/questions.asp.  I checked and

    This is almost certainly a browser bug. In my tests, I do see the
problem in Netscape 6.1, but not in Netscape 6.2. But unless you have a
known installed base of Netscape 6.1 users, I wouldn't sweat it. The
universe of Netscape 6/7 users is small, and those using this highly
outdated version of Netscape 6 are likely a miniscule subset of that group.
The Netscape 6.x line was based on pre-release Mozilla builds and as a
result quite bug-prone.

1. http://validator.w3.org/

James Aylard

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