[thelist] UPDATE Re: batch JPG -> PSD?

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Thu Dec 5 11:56:00 CST 2002


> No joy this AM :-)
>  From looking at the Adobe help doc, I'm not sure that 'Save'
> is a supported scriptable action -- could be wrong, of
> course, but I do know it's not working at all for me.

I would agree with Joel that it's worth persevering with Photoshop.
Admittedly I'm currently on v 7.0, but I have used the Actions and Batch
functionality in v 6.0. The only difference between Joel's instructions
and the manner in which I ran a test just now is that I did not create a
droplet; I just used the named action directly. I had a test folder with
four images, and successfully ran a batch process using an action I had
created called "Test" on the folder, which exported the files as .PSD
files. I suspect it is your use of actions rather than anything to do
with the batch processing which is failing. A couple of things to bear
in mind... Make sure that you know exactly what you are about to do when
creating the action. You don't want to be undoing things or accidentally
including certain actions (feather, perhaps?). Also, remember to include
the closing of the file in the action, or you may run into memory
problems with a very large amount of images to process depending on the
amount of memory in your machine.

Another quick thought... I'm not exactly a Photoshop guru, but may you
have included a filter or something that used the "feather" function?




Chris Marsh

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