[thelist] why is my google rating so bad (sitecheck www.gritechnologies.com)

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Thu Dec 5 18:56:00 CST 2002


From: "Jan A. Allinder" <images1 at bellsouth.net>
>A couple of thoughts -
>No Page Title <title></title>
>Missing Meta tags for description and keywords

There is a title specified, but as someone mentioned, it might be made a
little more informative.
I once read that the title should always start with the URL, and then
something descriptive, for clear bookmarks.
The descriptive part was meant to have been added by the dynamic script, but
got forgotten.
I guess the same goes for the meta tags.

From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
>> The main thing I don't understand is why the Google listing is so bad.
>"so bad" for which search terms?
I hadn't even started searching by terms, as it looks like the only thing
Google has registered is the URL, they don't even seem to have a cached
version of the page.
So if I search for "gritechnologies" it shows a link to the site at the
bottom, but no cached version, and no description.
This made me think they might not be able to cache the site, due to it being
a dynamic site, with URL masking. But why not? if I check the site, it seems
to return exactly the same as a non dynamic site would.

From: "Ed McCarroll" <Ed at ComSimplicity.com>
>Maybe it's the spurious comma in the phrase "dynamic, software company".
Yeah, I wonder where on earth all those commas came from :o)
>They tell me "Don't even think about using frames
The thought never crossed my mind :o) , in fact I made an extra effort to
keep the whole thing accessible and text-based, but that doesn't seem to
have helped much so far.

also thanks to all the others for the links and valid comments.

So overall it would seem that a descriptive, relevant title (different for
each website section, but not too local to each page either, "Contact Us" or
"Home" would be of no use) is important, and that the 'description' meta tag
does still has a relevant role to play. After that, if the site's contents
is compelling enough, other sites will link to it, raising it's ranking...


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