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Jason Hepi contact at hepi.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 08:08:01 CST 2002

>> I know that there is a PHP script to convert the moreover news into a
>> form for your website, but is there an ASP version out there?

I wrote something in ASP, DOM, XML and XSL which you're welcome to use.
I've zipped it up and placed it at

You're able to update an XML file (found in the XML folder) with a list of
all of the moreover newsfeed urls you want to include into your final news
The ASP script then uploads each news feed, extracts the nodes and generates
a new XML document. So if you specified 4 different XML based moreover news
feeds at this point you would now have one XML document object that contains
all 4 feeds.  The XML document object is then transformed with the XSL found
in the XSL folder - which you can edit to change the look of the rendered

The ASP Script uses all of the nodes sent within a XML based moreover news
feed. This includes the harvest_time node. So part of the script breaksdown
the indiviual date/time parts (day, month, year, time) and using DOM creates
new nodes with this information and includes it into the final XML document.
The XSL stylesheet then allows you to specify how to sort the individual
news articles. On my site homepage (... hey I've been busy ;) ) I've
configured it so that the most upto date news article is listed first based
on the article harvest time.


Jason Hepi

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