[thelist] Wireless Networking Advice

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Dec 16 00:13:01 CST 2002

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> ...you were saying that you are offering internet access via
> wireless because that's the only "safe" thing you can offer.
> You said that running an internal business network over
> wireless was like having no firewall.

No, I said I would not allow a wireless connection directly to my network.
If I have wireless, it's not directly connected, just as you described

> I'm saying, respectfully, that I disagree. You can offer
> access to the private, internal network to wireless users.
> Perhaps we are talking at cross-purposes, or orthogonally.

Right; absolutely; but *not without additional security.* You describe using
VPN from the wireless to the private network. Exactly my point; keep the
wireless outside the network, and require additional security from anyone
who wants to touch the network.

My original point was simply that it's a huge security hole to have a
wireless access point attached directly to your network without additional
security in between because WEP is not secure (per virtually every security
and technology article you'll find on the internet or in print.) Which part
of that are you disagreeing with?

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