[thelist] Flash button

Mark Joslyn Mark.Joslyn at SolimarSystems.com
Wed Jan 22 17:54:01 CST 2003

I am currently trying to create buttons similar to the ones Macromedia has
on their home page. When your mouse rolls over the "Products" button, it
loads what appears to be two additional buttons (with animated movieclips
for looks). When you rollover either button, it looks very smooth and clean.

My button, however, has a definite glitch.

Here is the Scene:

	MovieClip (myMC)
		-	Main Button (b1)-frame 1
				-	Button One (b1a), Button Two (b1b) frame2

1. Inside myMC, b1 has action script to tell it to go to and stop on frame 2
where b1a and b1b are located when the mouse rollsOver.

2. b1a and b1b have actionscript to tell it to goto and stop on frame 1 when
the mouse rollsOut.

3. I have stop actions on both frames.

When I rollover b1, b1a and b1b appear perfectly. When I move the mouse
between b1a and b1b, there is a definite flicker. It appears that the
timeline is jumping to frame 1 (split second) then back to frame 2. It is
apparent why it is doing this, how do I stop it? I want a smooth transition
between the two buttons when the mouse is moving over them - no flicker

Any help would be appreciated.


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