[thelist] News Item: Major Security Flaw in MS SQL Slows Internet

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Sun Jan 26 01:51:01 CST 2003

I have next to no experience with open source stuff, but can tell you
I'm not the only one who dreads applying a MS patch or running Windows
Update.  The most recent problem was a security patch that rendered
iMail's admin tool unusable until Ipswitch issued their counter-patch
(perhaps was the fault of iMail, who knows) ... in the past such things
have been more serious ... was down for over a day after a Windows
Update overwrote a newer version of the DTC service. An associate never
runs updates for precisely these types of problems. Although I keep
updated, I certainly can sympathize with those who choose not to avoid
potential problems by using a potentially problematic fix.

I also feel like I was forced into a Windows environment as when my
client base was too small to justify a dedicated server, the only
hosting environment my clients could afford were shared Windows
accounts. So I learned CF/SQL Server. Maybe there were other viable
options at the time, but the fact I didn't know about them despite some
amount of research would lend credence to the notion that MS abused
their purported monopoly power.

Sign this, "considering moving from CF/SQL Server 2000 on Win to

PS. Has anyone here made the transition I'm considering (not
necessarily under OS X)? How long did it take? My problem is that I'm
webmaster for several CF/SQL Server sites that would need to be
converted and the conversion would require quite a bit of unpaid work.
And I can't think of a way to introduce the idea to clients that would
make them as enthusiastic about the possibility as I am.

On Saturday, January 25, 2003, at 11:46 PM, Hugh Blair wrote:

> Those users that didn't keep their systems
> updated are the ones that helped propagate this problem.

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