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The book I have and use all the time is the PHP 4 Bible by Converse and

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> john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
> >>Can anyone recommend some introductory books for learning PHP?
> >
> >
> > Wrox's Professional PHP 4 is what I learned from, but Wrox have recently
> > gone out of business so if you want it, buy it while it's still
> > And although the first parts were fine, I've really struggled with the
> > chapter on sessions and cookies even though I understand the concepts.
> FWIW, I got a copy of this book a short while ago (a few months) and
> still haven't been able to struggle through it, because what I have read
> has been very badly done... I suppose it stems from my dislike of the
> way they write their books.. ie get a shitload of authors to do a few
> chapters each so it gets out quickly. IM(not so)HO, it makes the books
> suck. Coding details aren't uniform, chapters don't use techniques other
> ones recommend, or don't do ones other chapters do recommend.... and of
> course every so often you get a brilliant chapter followed by a
> braindead one.
> I found learning from the manual, and just coding was much, much better.
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