[thelist] Word of mouth

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Tue Jun 17 05:20:30 CDT 2003

> >> >> http://word-of-mouth.org
> >
> > Um, aside from the fact that anyone other than a complete
> pansy would
> > not want to put their name behind a criticism of another individual
> > and this site is clearly the work of someone who needs a serious 
> > beating
> I think this kinda illustrates my point. I just got called a
> complete pansy. We all know how easily flame wars start, and 

With all due respect, I see no point being illustrated. I didn't call
you pansy, and even if I did you know exactly who's calling you a pansy.
I don't want to continue this any further (although feel free to respond
to this, I'm not simply trying to have the last word) but a) you have
NOT been insulted in any way, and b) if your idea of moral and ethical
behaviour is to criticize others whilst hiding behind anonymity then I
stand by what I said.

> I try not to enter into them. If I made the decision to use
> word-of-mouth.org (and I haven't made that decision, I'm just 
> trying to find something positive in it just in case there is 
> something) for positive feedback only, I doubt that others would.

Exactly. Please don't read more into my comments than is there. I made
no comment about users of the site per se. If the site was exactly as
is, except with a moderation system to prevent negative comments being
posted then it would be great. Call it reference.org or something. It's
the malicious aspect that bothers me.

> Part of my motivation around this site is that a friend has
> been searched on the system so I wanted to provide a positive 
> report. Unfortunately, it costs $19 or so to do so.

Understood. Apologies if my comments were unclear.


Chris Marsh

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