[thelist] pros/ cons of using relative links

Scott Harman scott at enteractiontv.com
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I tend to use virtual hosts and internal DNS for testing - 
Where it almost becomes a moot point.

Creating www.example.com
Test environment is created at dev.example.com as a virutal host in
Have all the db's and resources that you'll be using available.
I tend to use scripts for all changes - i.e. I'll have a perl or php
installer where you're able to predefine your site details and modify
all existing absolute pathes.
This can also be achieved with a simple search and replace routine.
Ditto with IIS where you can simply define a new site - and point it
towards a known good location.

Ultimately - pick your flavour of Linux or *nix and configure it as an
internal dev webserver and test away to your heart's content!

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hi all,

i have come from a delphi background, and been thrown in at the deep end
with web development, and a bit more worringly web development project

one of the things that has become apparent is that the developers we are
using upload the code directly to ISP, whereas i would like them to send
the code to myself to test first.

to enable this i have added direcories to my wwwroot and test away using
http://localhost/project1 etc...

however the developers dont use relative paths... this means lots of
missing images/ style sheets not being picked up etc.

so i am about to insist that new projects all use relative links.

what is the concensus of the list about the merits of this? [i was going
to say the relative merits but... :-) ]



ps. all development is done using asp, javascript and MSSQL pss. when i
say relative links, i mean they should use ../images/david.gif rather
than /images/david.gif

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