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Aleem B aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Thu Jun 19 17:04:26 CDT 2003

> While you /could/ do this, I don't think that many people
> will recommend it. It's taking a step backwards. Instead,
> move forward to XHTML, which when written properly, can
> be read and parsed by all browsers.

And for the sake of perspective (only), purists will argue
XHTML is not really HTML, it's an XML doc and there are some
issues with MIME types, since it's sent out as HTML instead
of an XML (which would break up in most browsers):

[Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful]


inuum.html ]

Lynx will also warn you about bad HTML, but parse it correctly.

I use XHTML though, b'cos I've never had any parsing problems
or sending out the doc as HTML.

Additionally, XHTML also has support for namespaces and you can
use XML Parsers on your document.


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