[thelist] RE: Site Copycat (enough, already!)

Cory Maylett maylett at myrealbox.com
Sun Jun 22 14:55:07 CDT 2003

> I don't care if he got a design job or not; I'm not after his 
> customers.
> I just don't want him stealing the work that I did and presenting it to
> his client as his own, when in fact, he has no idea how to produce on
> his own.

At the risk of prolonging this already too long thread...

Didn't you say in one of your initial posts that this is all about a 
13-year-old kid and that you're, what, sixteen? Geeesh. Come on, just 
let it go. I mean, what are you going to do about it -- hire a lawyer 
and take him to court or maybe just tell his mom and ask that he be 
grounded for a week?

Yeah, he sounds like a little thief, but so what. He shouldn't have 
stolen your work, but he's a creepy little snot-nosed, pubescent kid 
who's misspelled half the words on his stolen site while promising 
"quality" work. Don't get so upset about this; his dishonesty or lack 
of talent is no reflection on you or your work. It might be really 
annoying to you, but it's a lesson learned for future reference when 
there might be more serious consequences at stake.

Tell him that you want him to change his site. If he doesn't do that, 
tell him that you're upset by his dishonesty and betrayal of your 
friendship, and move on. Concentrate on your own considerable skills 
and improving your own work -- don't waste your energy agonizing over 
this little brat and his ungrateful thievery. Your talent and honesty 
will take you places that this little thief can never go. This whole 
incident should serve as a perfect demonstration of how people with 
talent are ripped off by wannabes -- it comes with the territory. Stash 
the whole thing away for future reference and move on.

This is starting to sound like a Dr. Phil show. Enough!


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