[thelist] Online Project Management Service

Nelson Rodríguez-Peña nelson at webstudio.cl
Wed Jul 16 14:15:35 CDT 2003

Hi Kyle,

>>Does anyone have an Online Project Management service that they use?  I
>>would like one that is tailored for Web Developers/Designers, if possible.
>>I've seen one before, but can't remember it's name.
>>What I need it to do:
>>1.) Multiple user levels (admin/project manager, designers/developers,
>>2.) Track hours
>>3.) Uploading of documents.

this has been answered many times before on the list, but anyway... :)
I use PhpCollab, it's a great tool, it was born as a MM Sitespring clone,
but has grown a lot. After the original creator and project leader quit
working on it a couple month ago, the community resumed the development.




Nelson Rodríguez-Peña A.
Diseño y Desarrollo Web y Multimedia
nelson at webstudio.cl

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